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About Value Technologies

Value Technologies was established in 2003 as a result of a long history in this business line since 1994, where the business initially started with the CAD/CAM / CAE solutionsand in 1997 machine tools line was added to the portfolio. Early 2000, we started a new business line for garment industry solutions.

In the Engineering solutions we are focusing on Machine tools, Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery, CAM, Mechanical CAD, and Simulation Solutions. Moreover, in the garment and non-apparel industry sector we are focusing on Preparation equipment's, finishing equipment's and software.

Now, Value Technologies has experts, specialists, after sales team and knowhow gained all over the years to deliver the best services and keep the maximum availability of the delivered equipment's. Our after sales service team is very well trained and in continuous skills development to keep the highest level of customers satisfaction.

At Value Technologies, we appreciate and respect customer production, working hard on keeping the highest production with best quality seamlessly


Through quality assurance and stringent evaluations, provide our customers withaccurate data, quality products and consistency in services. Develop and maintaina supplier/customer relationship based on open communication, mutual trustand respect.


Build up a pool of Egyptian professionals highly innovative in using Technologyto cater to solving the fast growing business needs of clients in Egypt,the Middle East & North Africa. To increase our knowledge and capabilities as a service provider in bothEngineering Industry Sector and Garment and Non-Apparel Industry Sectorin Egypt and Gulf area. To become the choice of the global supplier and service providers